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Canadian Tire Jump Start

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities is a registered charity that helps financially disadvantaged families across Canada in times of need. The Jumpstart program helps financially disadvantaged kids get involved in organized sports and recreational activities. Nationally in scope but locally in its focus, Canadian Tire Jumpstart delivers support to children through a Canada-wide network of over 310 local Chapters. The Program was developed in 2005 to address the ongoing need in our communities to make physical activity a priority in the lives of Canadian children.

We understand the important life benefits that sports and recreation can have in the life of a child. Participation in sports and recreation increases a child's chance of success in life through:

•A healthier lifestyle
•Increased self-esteem and confidence
•Opportunities to learn important leadership skills
•Improved school performance and
future education expectations
•More positive relationships and strengthen support networks

The Local Chapter (Peterborough) consists of several organizations committed to helping children and youth in our community with access to recreation and sport activities.
With the support of the 2 local Canadian Tire Store Owners - The 5 organizations administer funds for deserving families in our community....

•Community Living Peterborough
•Kawartha Haliburton Children's Aid Society
•Five Counties Children's Centre
•City of Peterborough - Recreation Division
•YMCA of Central East Ontario - Balsillie Family Branch - Peterborough

If you require assistance with your application and live in Peterborough, contact the Recreation Division at 705-742-7777 ext. 1827. If you live in Peterborough County call the YMCA at 705-748-9642 ext. 225.


The City of Peterborough offers a Recreation Fee Subsidy Program. This program assists low-income families and families receiving social assistance with registration costs for recreational programs offered by the City or other organizations within the City limits including but not limited to; sports activities, aquatic programs and camps for dependent children under the age of 19 years. You can apply for multiple programs at once, for one or more participants. The maximum subsidy per child is $100 or $200 per year depending on the low-income cut off per household. 


Click here for more information on the City Of Peterborough Recreation Fee Subsidy Program



The Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund is a $1 million fund that has been created to provide help to Canadians experiencing financial challenges as a result of COVID-19. The Assist Fund will provide up to $500 per player in registration fee subsidies to approved applicants who are registered with a Hockey Canada-sanctioned association, helping young Canadians get back on the ice in their communities.

Frequently Asked Questions | Apply for funding | Donate to the Assist Fund


The Grindstone Award Foundation is a charity that enables young female players to participate and improve their skill development in the sport of hockey. The intent is to provide support to communities across Canada and address the needs of players who have a desire to play, but are unable to for financial reasons. The Foundation provides grants to female players under the age of nineteen who have expressed a desire to pursue their goals in athletics. Our selection will be based on financial need and desire, not on hockey ability. It is the Foundation’s intention that all grants will be awarded objectively in accordance with this criteria.

To apply, visit: Grindstone Award




In 2000, the KidSport program was launched in Ontario by Sport Alliance Ontario, a leading sport development agency in the province.  Since that time, KidSport has assisted more than 16,500 under-resourced kids play a season of sport, by providing over $3.2M in grants for registration and sports equipment.  KidSport Ontario currently consists of 23 volunteer community chapters who assist in providing thousands of grants to kids in need each year.


Children 18 years old and under qualify for KidSport funding

If you are applying for hockey the grant can cover up to $500 per child which is funded through the
Hyundai Hockey Helpers program. 

Applications must be submitted 45 days prior to activity start date. 

Funds for registration fees will be provided to the family to distribute but will be issued and made payable directly to
the sport club or retailer in the case of equipment purchase. 

For more information, visit: Provincial Fund - KidSport Ontario




In 2000 the Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario (MHF) was created to support minor hockey players in the Province of Ontario. This document will focus on the Financial Subsidy Program portion of the MHF. The Financial Subsidy Program provides financial subsidy to minor hockey players who are currently experiencing difficulty raising enough funds to participate in the game.

The Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario Board reviews all applications and a member of the Board contacts the applicant to confirm whether their request will be approved. Donations to applications are not guaranteed. Each request will require a four to six week review period before the applicant will be contacted. All applicants must adhere to the following guidelines:
1.All requests can only be made for players aged five to seventeen years old;
2.No application will be considered unless all necessary documentation is received in full. The President of the local minor hockey association or governing body will be notified if there are any missing documents.
3.Any applicant will play one of four levels of hockey: House, Local, Select/Minor Development League and Representative.
4.Each grant will not exceed $300. Financial assistance will vary depending on each case. Financial subsidy cheques will be issued to the applicant’s local minor hockey association or governing body.


Their Opportunity is a national children's charity that delivers & subsidizes local sports for development & community engagement programming.  Our programs & services help eliminate barriers of access & promote a lifestyle of giving back, empowering youth to reach their full potential.


Individual Awards of up to $2,000 through Goals & Dreams Fund


Ontario Growing Up Through Sports offers financial assistance to low-income families across communities in Ontario. Ontario Growing Up Through Sports believes that no matter the situation at home, all kids should be able to enjoy what playing sports has to offer in their local communities.