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Small Area Games
Using small areas and short shifts, players are challenged to read and react quickly under pressure and by doing so they learn to think and see the ice better. Small area competitive games not only force players into tight competitive quarters, they also encourage players to battle hard for the puck while at the same time having a great deal of fun.

Similar to how kids used to play growing up and skating on frozen ponds, these games help simulate the past and place the same skills into today’s future stars. Utilizing small area competitive games provides many other advantages. First and foremost, the games are designed to provide an environment to help players in their ability to make quick decisions. Small area games also simulate game shifts and provide an excellent form of conditioning in practice.

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Hockey Canada Small Area Game Module
USA Hockey Small Area Games

“Watch the puck.”

That seems like obvious advice for you goalies, but “see through the view of the puck” is a statement rarely taught to young goal scorers.

Goaltenders are taught to line up their angle with the puck, not the shooter. This concept is often overlooked when teaching the art of scoring and capitalizing on chances.

Understanding the tricks your eyes can play on perception could prevent players from continually pounding the puck in the goalies glove where they think there is room, when in actuality there is no space at all.  In a ready position to take a shot, a player’s eye could be more than five feet away from where the puck is on the ice. This is a rather large gap when considering what corner to pick.

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Brett Ledbetter: Person over Player     Video Link

What Drives Winning? Video Link

In 2015, Brett Ledbetter and Becky Burleigh co-created a conference to start a conversation with championship coaches on What Drives Winning. It has evolved to become a movement that transcends sports and has created a community of coaches who want to increase awareness beyond the X’s and O’s.

Combining individual skills with decision making abilities is the definition of a tactic.  In different situations, it can be intimidating and cause a player to hesitate for a split second.  That is enough time to be beaten or moved off the puck by an opponent.  Players face these scenarios every shift during a game.  To be effective in hockey, you need to have strategies in place to handle these situations.  An individual tactic is just that – a strategy.  Continue reading at  The Hockey Source - TACTICS

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