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RAMP GameSheet App Information - PGHA

The PGHA uses an electronic game sheet app called RAMP, all PGHA games REP and HL will be scored on this app.

To download the RAMP GameSheet App Click Here for APPLE OR Click Here for GOOGLE PLAY

Responsibilities of the Timekeeper:

  • Using the Game sheet Code, launch the app where wi-fi is available before the start of the game.
  • The names of the officials and their OWHA Ref number MUST be entered (ie: John Doe #11-111). If OWHA Ref number is not know, please enter their name and city of residence.
  • Enter scores, penalties, and any other details.
  • Upon completion of the game, you MUST mark the game as being completed.
  • Always have extra paper game sheets, notepads and pens available in the event the game details must be enter into the app at a later time.

RAMP Instructions for TIMEKEEPERS

Responsibilities of the Officials: 

  • Using the Officials Code, launch the app where wi-fi is available before the start of the game.
  • You must provide you full name and OWHA Ref number to the timekeeper prior to the start of the game.
  • Game details will be entered by the timekeeper and MUST be checked by officials via the app to ensure accuracy.
  • Officials MUST sign and provide any writeups that are required.
  • Writeups will not be shared with the teams, they will be sent directly to the OWHA.
  • This must be done following the end of the game and as soon as possible.

RAMP Instructions for OFFICIALS

Referee Signals