2023-2024 Permission to Tryout (Formerly Permission to Skate) (Peterborough Girls Hockey Association)

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Any player who played with the PGHA and is trying out for another OWHA center requires a Permission to Tryout issued by the PGHA. You must fully complete the information on this form or your Permission to Tryout cannot be completed. Your request will be emailed to the 1st VP OWHA Rep, please ensure your email is correct as this will serve as the communication method. Should you have any questions regarding a permission to skate please contact Laura Merrick at [email protected]. If you are offered a spot in another organization, when you register in RAMP with the new orginization a player release is automatically sent to the PGHA.
  1. This is NOT a Player Release

    This form must be used when a player wishes to attend a tryout hosted by another OWHA association or OWHA independent team. A player must receive a Permission to Tryout or a release from thier last registered OWHA association or OWHA independent team in order to be eligible.  

    Note: For players registered for the 2022/2023 season, Permission to Tryout forms are valid as of 12:01 am on April 19th, 2023, to May 31st, 2023 and from August 15th, 2023 until a date to be announced by the OWHA.

    The Pathway documents must be followed for divisions impacted.

    No Player may participate in any OWHA sanctioned activity with a team other than her own team unless they have a release or properly executed permission to skate form.

    A player who is under suspension is NOT eligible for a permission to skate unless they have prior written approval from the OWHA Discipline Board.

    Any questions about Permission to Skate please contact Laura Merrick at [email protected]

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