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LLFHL Playoff Information
Playoff scheduling is now starting for those teams who know their first round opponent.  There are several criteria teams must follow.

Please refer to and read through the playoff rules prior to contacting our LLFHL rep.

Follow this link for the complete LLFHL rules


Playoff Rules and Regulations

Refer to Section 19 of the LLFHL Rules and Regulations. All teams should be familiar with these rules. League Liaisons should forward a copy to all managers. Rules are also posted on website

Which teams are eligible for the 2014/15 LLFHL Playoffs?

The top 8 teams from each loop will advance to the playoffs. If the # of teams is less than 8 all will advance.

Who do we play?

The top 8 eligible teams from each geographic loop qualify for the playoffs. Playoff rounds will be structured as follows:

Series 1 - 1st place vs. 8th place

Series 2 - 4th place vs. 5th place

Series 3 - 3rd place vs. 6th place

Series 4 - 2nd place vs. 7th place

How many games in each round?

Each playoff round is a 3 game maximum series, or first team to 4 points

Who schedules these games?

Once your opponent has been confirmed you may commence scheduling your best of 3 series. Should there be conflicts between Managers, the League Liaisons should step in to seek resolution.

Schedules to be submitted using the "PLAYOFF SCHEDULE" link on LLFHL website.

Both teams in each series will submit the agreed upon schedule.

Only submit your schedule via this link once all 3 games are scheduled. We will not upload a partial schedule.

No series can start without having all 3 games scheduled and submitted.

Once you submit your 3 games via the link on the LLFHL website, 3 things will happen:

1. an email will be sent to the person who entered the schedule

2. an email will be sent to the LLFHL to input the schedule

3. an email will be send to [email protected]

Any changes to the schedule once input into IVRnet, will need to go through Sonya Schram ([email protected]). Only Sonya can make game changes to the online schedule.

Teams who finish ahead of other teams in the regular season standings, have earned the right to host 2 of the 3 games.

What is the time frame for reporting playoff game scores in IVRnet?

Statisticians need to report game scores within 24 hrs of completion, as per LLFHL rules. This will be strictly enforced.

What if teams are still tied after the three games?

Please refer to LLFHL Rules 19 i), s), t) and u) for details on handling the situation where each team has 3 points at the end of the third game of a playoff series. Following are key points from those rules:

1. All penalties in effect at the end of regulation of game 3 carry-over into overtime.

2. Any player (or coaching staff member) suspended for game 3 IS NOT eligible for overtime.

3. Any player serving a penalty at the end of overtime IS NOT eligible for the shoot-out.

**As of the 2014 LLFHL AGM, the third game OT period, if required, is now ten minutes of 4-on-4, before the shootout

Are Time-Outs permitted during the Playoffs?

Yes, one 30 second time-out is permitted in each playoff game. If the time-out is not used during regulation time, it can be used during overtime.

Are LLFHL playoff games curfewed?

No. The League strongly encourages that you have adequate ice scheduled to accommodate a third game that may require OT and/or a shootout. The first two games in the series could end in a tie.

Can we use pick up players?

NO. Pick up players are not permitted during the LLFHL playoffs. Only players that have been rostered on the team participating, for a minimum 5 games during the regular season are eligible to participate in the playoffs, or players that have been given exemption to participate by the LLFHL Executive. Deadline for the exemption is January 20, 2015

If two teams are available and willing to play, can we start a series early?

Yes, once the brackets have determined the two opponents, teams are encouraged to schedule right away.

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