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Dec 05, 2019 | Melissa Murray | 1009 views
The Midget A Ice Kats went unbeaten this weekend 4-0-1.

This was truly a test of their abilities this weekend playing in another Country. The game was played differently in the USA and the refereeing definitely gave everyone something to talk about. It was something the girls had to figure out for themselves. It was going to be a learning curve for this Ice Kats team to settle into this type of game they were not used to.

The Midget A's went into their first game that was full on hits after hits after hits. The girls got bounced around quite a bit. With lots of encouragement from the bench and positive reinforcement the girls knew that if they kept their heads cool and played the game the way that it should be played, they would prevail. The Midget A's just had to test the waters to see how far they could push the limits of this style of hockey. This is where it all started as they became a team that wanted something more than themselves. They were playing for their Country.

Game 1 vs RV Ravens was hard hitting and fast. The Ravens were a very aggressive team that did not like to be pushed around. The Ice Kats got knocked down and just kept getting back up. The Midgets put 3 in the back of the net but ran into some penalty trouble. The Ravens then took it to us on the power plays to tie it up.
Ice Kats 3 - RV Ravens 3
Shots on net- 18 - 9
Goals:- Gabby Cote-W 2, Olivia Gosselin 1,
Asst:- Grace Dunn 2, Ellie Everson 1
Brooklyn Hatfield play exceptional between the pipes.

Game 2 vs Little Ceasars was a fast paced game back and forth. It included lot of neutral zone play with lots of hard fought battles along the boards. The Ice Kats were now on the up swing as they had started to adapt to the play of this type of hockey on the ice making some head way to the net in the 2nd half of the game. This Little Ceasars team liked using the middle of the ice and if we could read and react and intercept those passes the Midgets could take advantage of this fast team. They proved that they were the better team and won the hard fought battles.
Ice Kats 1 - Little Ceasars 0
Shots on net:- 22 - 10
Goals:- Natalie McVicker 1
Asst:- Olivia Gosselin 1, Maddy Winslow 1
Bryer Courneyea was solid between the pipes. Great Shutout

Game 3 vs Chicago Bruins was another tough aggressive team that made us work that much harder to reach our goal. The Bruins had the Midgets A’s little rattled at first, but that one quick goal was all that was needed to get the team rolling. The Midget A's never looked back and took over the game, winning this one after hard fought battles.
Ice Kats 4 - Bruins 1
Shots on net:- 36 - 8
Goals:- Olivia Gosselin 1, Natalie McVicker 1, Grace Dunn 1, Megan Rivet 1
Asst:- Maddie Gordon 2, Rivet 1, Sarah Ludgate 2, Elyse Young 2, Gabby Cote-W 1
Brooklyn Hatfield was sharp in net

Game 4 vs SCS Saints was a tough game with this American team but the Midget A's got their power play/penalty kill working. The puck movement was exceptional with one ref saying it was like watching a tier 1 team play. A great compliment for the ice Kats team. In the end the midgets showed poise and won this game hands down.
Ice Kats 7 - Saints 1
Shots on goal:- 55 - 5
Goals:- Emma Tidey 2, Natalie McVicker 1, Grace Dunn 1, Mya Westnutt 1, Maddy Winslow 1, Ellie Everson 1
Asst:- Westnutt 2, Dunn 1, Gordon 1, Cote-W 2, Ludgate 2, Jamie Campbell 1,Everson 1, Gosselin 1, Winslow 1
Bryer Courneyea came up big when we needed

Championship Game
Game 5 vs RV Ravens was the perfect set up for the finals! These teams had a battle to finish from the last meeting in the 1st game ending in a 3-3 tie. Once that puck was dropped there was no organization they were playing for. There was only one thing these 2 teams were thinking about and that's what was on the front of their jerseys, their country.

Canada Vs USA
The Midget A Ice Kats came out of the gates full speed ahead but so did the Ravens. The teams battled hard and you could see that the Ravens team didn't like to lose or like being pushed around on the ice. They were getting frustrated and heated. Into the later part of the first period, the Ice Kats got a couple of quick ones, which led to 4 goals by the end of the first period. This happened in a span of just over 2 min. The 2nd period started with the Ravens getting a quick one, but the Ice Kats regrouped and netted 2 more quick ones in a row. The Ravens battled back with another one but there wasn’t much they could do at this point. Time was winding down. The very frustrated Ravens team took some penalties and could not get any momentum back. The Midget A Ice Kats had just won the gold metal.
Ice Kats 6 - RV Ravens 2
Shots on net:- 34 - 9
Goals:- Maddy Winslow 3 (Nice Hatrick), Natalie McVicker 1, Ellie Everson 1, Megan Rivet 1,
Asst:- Jamie Campbell 2, Ellie Everson 1, Gabby Cote-W 1, Grace Dunn 1, Elyse Young 1
Brooklyn Hatfield kept the crease cleared and came up with the saves when needed

When this group of young hockey players came together as a team at this event. They learned to be patient and trust in the process of what they have learned over there hockey career. Having that 3 year age span they had to find a way to come together. This weekend proved with perseverance and determination that good things can happen if they believe in themselves and believe in the team. They did just that playing for something bigger.


I couldn’t be more proud of what these Ladies accomplished this weekend.
I am a very lucky coach to have such a hard working, passionate team.
You Represented The Ice Kats organization and your country very well