Arena COVID Procedures - City & County (Peterborough Girls Hockey Association)

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Arena Protocols – Updated Oct 31, 2021

City Arena Guidelines Changes – Oct 25, 21 – Kinsmen, Memorial Center, Healthy Planet

The Province has announced A Plan to Safely Reopen Ontario and Manage COVID-19 for the Long Term

Here is a breakdown of the recent changes to arena guidelines.


City staff/security will now complete POV (2 doses + 14 days) checking and COVID-19 screening at City recreational facilities.  Please remind everyone who is eligible for a vaccine to bring their receipt or QR code + ID.   

POV is required for every person 12+ entering the facility unless they have an approved exemption as instructed by PPH.  For information on proof of vaccination receipts and Ontario's COVID-19 regulations, visit

The OWHA requires players born in 2009 and earlier to show POV.

They have also sent us the City screener to complete which ensures contact tracing. All participants including coaches/trainers, instructors, officials, timekeepers, athletes, and spectators from both home and visiting teams must complete. 

This means that at City facilities, COVID reps no longer need to check screeners, POV and complete contact tracing.

Visiting teams can be informed of the screener for completion and that they also will need to show POV.


No capacity limits in the building, on ice or change rooms.


Removed in all areas.


No changes, masks must be worn in doors except when engaged in physical activity.


Available 30 minutes prior and must be exited 20 minutes post.


Warm up, stretching is permitted but should be minimized within the facility.


Each County Arena is following the PPH letter of instruction in effect for indoor facilities letter of instruction.   Please read through if you have not, there are a few changes.

Norwood - Oct 27

In Norwood, we still follow the previous procedure for screening, contact tracing & checking POV for home and away teams.  They have not hired security.

Reopening/Exit Step Guidelines-General:  

  1. Hand sanitization upon entry of the facility is highly recommended.  
  2. Masks are required in the indoor areas. Some exemptions apply as per the provincial regulations.  
  3. All individuals entering must provide proof of vaccination (POV) before entering the facility. Individuals must be fully vaccinated (two doses plus 14 days) against COVID-19 and provide their proof of vaccination along with approved Identification in order to access all indoor sport and recreation facilities. Limited exemptions are permitted.
  4. All individuals entering an arena facility must actively screen to record the name(s) and contact information of every member of the public entering the facility. This includes all participants including coaches, athletes, and spectators from both home and visiting teams.
  5. Floor markers, signage and enhanced cleaning measures using disinfectant with a DIN# are implemented to control the risk of transmission.    
  6. An approved safety plan is required from each user group prior to facility access or rental 

Norwood Highlights include:

  1. Spectator limits increased to 4 per player
  2. Spectator substitutes are permitted
  3. Dressing rooms open for players/coaches/officials (no capacity)
  4. Enter lobby entrance and exit side entrance
  5. 4 parent volunteers for dressing rooms if players need assistance finish getting dressed
  6. Doors open 30 minutes in advance of rental
  7. Doors closed and locked 15 minutes prior rental
  8. Screening rep at door for the entire duration that doors are open
  9. Effective – Wednesday, October 27, 2021

If you have additional general questions- please send them to [email protected] and responses will be provided as soon as possible.  

Warsaw & Douro - Oct 25

In Warsaw, we still follow the previous procedure for screening, contact tracing & checking POV for home and away teams.  They have not hired security.

  1. No capacity limits
  2. Change rooms are open at full capacity
  3. No alternate change room (Douro-Harvest Room /Lobby areas)
  4. Entry 30 minutes prior 
  5. Exit 20 minutes after 
  6. Showers are available
  7. Enter arena at front entrance and exit at designated side entrance(s)
  8. Team Rep or Covid Rep is still responsible for screening and proof of vaccination checks prior to entry (this includes all participants and spectators)
  9. Contact tracing is still required
  10. Ice time will be 50 minutes in duration, staff only require 10 minutes to flood and sanitize between rentals

CMCC - Cavan -Dec 21


Cavan has hired security for the front entrance.

Security - Checks POV for everyone and checks screeners for spectators/parents.  Use the provincial screener for patrons.  These people will sign in for contact tracing with security on a form.

Home team - Use SportsHeadz for players, staff and volunteers which also does contact tracing, but they want us to hand in the form they provide.

Visiting team - Use their own screener or the provinces to screen their players, staff and volunteers.  Hand in the form Cavan provides for contact tracing.  

CMCC forms are posted on our website under arena procedures.

The Township has contracted a security company who will provide a guard during our prime-time hours (M-F 4:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. & Sat and Sun all day) to complete the following duties.

  • Passively screen all people entering the facility (this does not negate the responsibility of the organizations/groups or contract holders in their duties of Active Screening)
  • Record contact tracing information for all people entering the facility (this does not include coaches, team staff or skaters from both home and opposing teams, this is still the responsibility of the coaches and organizations)
  • Verify the vaccine status with Identification of every individual entering the facility 12 years and older. Note: 12 to 18 yrs. of age individuals will only be required to show proof of vaccination if they are entering as a spectator. Players have been given until November 26th, 2021. At that time all individuals entering the facility will be required to show proof of vaccination 12 yrs. and older. 
  • Capacity limits throughout the building are standard based on occupancy loads posted in the arena
  • Changerooms, showers and water filling stations will now be operational
  • Entrance into the arena will be permitted 30 minutes prior to your ice booking time
  • Players will have 50 minutes on the ice and 20 minutes to change and exit the building
  • Food and beverage will be permitted in the building however our snack bar will remain closed
  • Lobby and washrooms will be open 

Items that are still in place and must be adhered to:

  • Contact tracing for coaches, trainers and skaters from both home and opposing teams will still be conducted by the organization/team rep/coach and handed in to gain access to the building
  • Masks to be worn in the arena at all times unless removed temporarily to consume food or beverage
  • Entrance and exit destination will remain the same 
  • The walking track is only open Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. by appointment only.

Dec 21st Updates

Based on the newest Provincial announcement of restrictions effective immediately the following imposed restrictions must be adhered to:

  • 3 spectators per player
  • Capacity will be at a maximum of 50%
  • There will be no food or beverage permitted within the facility
  • Private rentals are maximum 10 people